Send a Valley Women's Center Tribute Card

Recognize a friend or loved one by remembering a special occasion, holiday, birthday, anniversary, promotion, new home, new baby etc., or honor the memory of a loved one by making a tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit Valley Women's Center. We will sensitively acknowledge your gift in writing to the honoree and/or family member (without mentioning the amount) and to you. Your contribution will last a lot longer than flowers, fruit, or candy. It will enable a woman and her family to receive specialized counseling to help achieve or maintain sobriety, end an abusive relationship, come to terms with an incest issue, heal from grief, or combat emotional overeating.

Please send check to:
Valley Women's Center
22110 Roscoe Blvd., Suite 204
Canoga Park, CA 91304
(818) 713-8700