Welcome to Valley Women's Center

The Valley Women's Center was founded in 1976 as the first comprehensive program for women at risk for alcohol in the San Fernando Valley. It was established when the founder, Norma Ehrlich, was deeply affected by the tragic and untimely death of her cousin from the disease of alcoholism. At that time, the female alcoholic had to suffer since her drinking was often protected by her family. There were few, if any, education or outreach programs for women.

Since its founding in 1976, with funding provided by the Los Angeles County Alcohol and Drug Program Administration, the Valley Women's Center has expanded its reach and services. In addition to outpatient alcohol and drug counseling, the Center also provides domestic violence counseling and case management, mental health and marriage and family counseling, domestic violence and addiction education classes, support and referral services to women, men, children and adolescents. The Center strives to serve the needs of the low-income and diverse ethnic population.

Our focus at the Valley Women’s Center is prevention through education, intervention and empowerment to help people with challenges achieve stability and emotional well-being. Our goal is to provide the communities we serve the best possible treatment and programs to help people in their recovery.

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